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Nolan approached to reboot Batman!?

Brooke CampbellNovember 1, 2014
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Hold onto your zippers! It’s the logo for Nolan’s Interstellar!

Caffeinated ClintDecember 12, 2013
Movie News

Christopher Nolan approached for Bond 24!?

Caffeinated ClintMay 18, 2013
Movie News

Nolan rehires his Catwoman for Interstellar

Brooke CampbellApril 10, 2013
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Matthew McConaughey for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar!?

Caffeinated ClintMarch 28, 2013
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Christopher Nolan’s next officially announced

Brooke CampbellMarch 9, 2013
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Christopher Nolan’s next may the time-travel flick Interstellar

Caffeinated ClintJanuary 10, 2013
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Christopher Nolan, Megan Gale denounce Justice League involvement

Caffeinated ClintJuly 10, 2012
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First reviews and feedback on The Dark Knight Rises online!

Caffeinated ClintJuly 7, 2012
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Christopher Nolan is seemingly calling near all the shots on Man of Steel

OLIVIA MARNEJune 19, 2012
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Batman’s ride is center stage in new Dark Knight Rises promo

Caffeinated ClintJune 17, 2012
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New Pics for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Amazing Spider-Man and More

JessicaJanuary 13, 2012
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New Batsuit revealed, more Dark Knight Rises spoilers

Caffeinated ClintJanuary 12, 2012
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Batman’s Bane will now speak clearer!

Caffeinated ClintJanuary 3, 2012
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SPOILER: A scene from The Dark Knight Rises is revealed

JessicaDecember 29, 2011
christopher nolan
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Christopher Nolan all dressed up on the set of The Dark Knight Rises

Hugh HumphreysDecember 27, 2011
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Previewing 2012 : The Dark Knight Rises

Caffeinated ClintDecember 23, 2011
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Some of Dark Knight Rises may go unheard; Nolan not concerned if you can’t understand Bane

Caffeinated ClintDecember 21, 2011
The Dark Knight Rises_Tom Hardy_Bane
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Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

JessicaDecember 20, 2011
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Bat Signal Up : Here’s what we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises

Caffeinated ClintDecember 12, 2011
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A new The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster featuring Bane!

JessicaDecember 10, 2011
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Our take on the IMAX-only Dark Knight Rises Prologue

Drew TurneyDecember 9, 2011
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Gary Oldman believes we’ll see sequels to The Dark Knight Rises

Caffeinated ClintDecember 8, 2011
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New Dark Knight Rises Stills, Story Spoilers

Caffeinated ClintNovember 29, 2011
Christian Bale as Batman
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Christian Bale hangs up the Batman outfit for good

Hugh HumphreysNovember 28, 2011
Movie News

5 New Revelations about The Dark Knight Rises

Caffeinated ClintNovember 22, 2011
Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt on location for 'Dark Knight' in NYC
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New The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos

JessicaOctober 28, 2011
Movie News

Matt Reeves to direct new Twilight Zone movie

Caffeinated ClintOctober 16, 2011
Movie News

Christopher Nolan involved in a new Twilight movie?

Caffeinated ClintOctober 1, 2011
Movie News

Former TV Batman Adam West to appear in Dark Knight Rises?

Alicia MaloneJuly 4, 2011


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