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Stallone and Arnold can’t get a cinema release in Oz; <I>Escape Plan</i> evades multiplex
13 Nov
Written by Guest Contributor

Stallone and Arnold can’t get a cinema release in Oz; Escape Plan evades multiplex »

The movie was due for release at the end of November

Escape Plan
18 Oct
Written by Mike Smith

Escape Plan »


Director Halstrof, who also did “The Rite” and “1408,” has crafted a simple, fun action film

Trailer for Stallone-Schwarzenegger’s <i>Escape Plan</i>
28 Jun
Written by Brooke

Trailer for Stallone-Schwarzenegger’s Escape Plan »

Watch gym memberships go up after this one!

New Poster for Stallone/Schwarzenegger’s <i>Escape Plan</i>
8 Jun

New Poster for Stallone/Schwarzenegger’s Escape Plan »

The action icons team up for the…. third time!

Stallone’s <i>Escape Plan</i>, <i>Expendables 3</i> dated
4 Jun

Stallone’s Escape Plan, Expendables 3 dated »

The latter recently announced Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan and Milla Jovovich for it’s cast

Arnold and Sly’s <i>The Tomb</i> has a new title!
10 Apr
Written by Hugh Humphreys

Arnold and Sly’s The Tomb has a new title! »

And a new release date


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