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Chris Columbus sails into <i>Gremlins</i> remake
10 Jul
Written by Editorial Staff

Chris Columbus sails into Gremlins remake »

Writer of the original film is also onboard the new “Goonies” sequel

<i>Gremlins</i> remake in the works
8 Apr
Written by Editorial Staff

Gremlins remake in the works »

The word ‘remake’ suggests that the new film won’t have anything to do with the 1984 original or it’s 1990 sequel

Grahame-Smith onboard <i>Gremlins</i> reboot
14 May

Grahame-Smith onboard Gremlins reboot »

Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of ”Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” and ”Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, will produce the film alongside regular collaborator David Katzenberg.

Warner Bros wants to reboot <i>Gremlins</i>!?
17 Jan

Warner Bros wants to reboot Gremlins!? »

Exciting news for those frightened by Christmas and hoity Judge Reinhold bankteller-types, those Frank Sinatra-singing creatures of the night, the Gremlins, may be Read more…


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