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Halle Berry In Acapulco, Mexico For Closing Of 9th Annual Acapulco Film Festival
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Universal wins Halle Berry’s Mother

Ashleigh DaviesFeb 12, 2015
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Halle Berry doing Hannibal!? Say whaaat!?

Ashleigh DaviesDec 3, 2013
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Rather than be forced into The Cell 2 : Harder Cell, Halle Berry’s headed to TV

Caffeinated ClintOct 5, 2013
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Here’s Halle Berry back in her Storm getup!

Caffeinated ClintApr 23, 2013
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Halle Berry back as Storm for X-Men : Days of Future Past

Brooke CampbellMar 4, 2013
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Singer unsure of Halle Berry’s involvement in X-Men : Days of Future Past

Caffeinated ClintFeb 11, 2013
Halle Berry
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Halle Berry Starring in New Thriller The Hive

JessicaMar 15, 2012
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Production on The Wachowskis and Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas Wraps

JessicaDec 22, 2011

New Years Eve

Caffeinated ClintDec 7, 2011
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Ash says New Years Eve is no Love Actually though it tries to be…

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonDec 7, 2011

50 MORE Sequels That Never Happened

Caffeinated ClintNov 21, 2011
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New trailer for Garry Marshall’s New Years Eve

Caffeinated ClintSep 28, 2011
Halle Berry and Keith David join a star-studded cast on the location set of "Cloud Atlas," a new film shooting in Glasgow, Scotland made to resemble San Francisco
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First Pics of Halle Berry on the Cloud Atlas Set

JessicaSep 15, 2011