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Let’s talk about <i>The Avengers 2</i>. Already.
17 Oct
Written by Hugh Humphreys

Let’s talk about The Avengers 2. Already. »

New characters for the inevitable sequel, including Doc Strange?

Video Interviews with the cast of <i>The Avengers</i>
17 Oct

Video Interviews with the cast of The Avengers »

NYCC chats with Ruffalo, Smulders, Evans, Hiddleston, Gregg, Feige

Watch B-Roll footage from the NYCC <i>The Avengers</i> panel
17 Oct

Watch B-Roll footage from the NYCC The Avengers panel »

The panel, the signing, the footage and a Hulk

Here it is! <i>The Avengers</i> teaser trailer!
12 Oct

Here it is! The Avengers teaser trailer! »

First look at Mark Ruffalo hulking out!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on U.S IMAX early, but Australia still gets it first! »

December release

IMAX Poster for <em>Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol</em>
3 Oct
Written by Jessica

IMAX Poster for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol »

Coming to theaters this December!

Three New Pics from <em>The Avengers</em>
29 Sep
Written by Jessica

Three New Pics from The Avengers »

Behind the scenes photos plus a new still

First Look at <em>The Avengers</em>
29 Sep
Written by Jessica

First Look at The Avengers »

On the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly

Jeremy Renner back in <I>Town</i> mode for <i>King of Heists</i>
21 Sep
Written by Alicia Malone

Jeremy Renner back in Town mode for King of Heists »

Based on the J.North Conway book

Paramount Australia releases new <i>Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol</i> Poster
15 Sep

Paramount Australia releases new Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol Poster »

Tom Cruise in the Hood

The Town
5 Mar
Written by

The Town »

“Affleck has peppered the film with non-actors, whose speech patterns and glamour-less faces lend the film an authenticity it may have otherwise not achieved”


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