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Video game Borderlands gets silver screen treatment

AshAug 29, 2015
my little pony
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My Little Pony movie in the works

AshAug 8, 2015
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The Last Witch Hunter sequel in development

AshJun 18, 2015
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Mockingjay poster teases President Snow’s downfall

AshJun 2, 2015
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Now You See Me 3 is in the works at Lionsgate

AshMay 23, 2015
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Lensing begins on Allegiant

AshMay 21, 2015
FILE - This publicity file photo provided by Saban Brands, shows a scene from the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV show. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. said Tuesday, May 6, 2014, it was partnering with Haim Sabanís Saban Entertainment to produce a live-action feature film based on the spandex-wearing, martial arts superheroes who are usually called upon to save the world. "Power Rangers" have had a continuous presence on U.S. TV since 1993. (AP Photo/Saban Brands, file)
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Power Ranges delayed until 2017

AshMay 2, 2015
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Steven Soderbergh to become second unit director of The Hunger Games

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonAug 8, 2011
Primrose Everdeen
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Hunger Games Set Photos Revealed

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonJun 7, 2011
Katniss Everdeen

10 Things You Should Know About The Hunger Games

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonJun 4, 2011
President Snow
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Hunger Games villain cast; script rumours run rampant

Ashleigh Hill-BuxtonJun 2, 2011