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The Cynical Optimist says <i>The Thing</i> is a satisfying prequel
15 Oct
Written by Adam Frazier

The Cynical Optimist says The Thing is a satisfying prequel »

A competent horror film in 2011? What!?

Clint checks out <i>The Thing</i>!
11 Oct

Clint checks out The Thing! »

And rushes to find the John Carpenter original to cleanse himself of the remake

The Thing »

Fans will immediately pick up just how much more complex the 1982 film was

The Thing
7 Oct

The Thing »

Win 1 of 10 double in-season passes to see the movie!

New Clip from <em>The Thing</em>!
30 Sep
Written by Jessica

New Clip from The Thing! »

Trust no one.

Russian Poster for <em>The Thing</em> Debuts
28 Sep
Written by Jessica

Russian Poster for The Thing Debuts »

The prequel to Carpenter’s 1982 film

First TV Spot for <em>The Thing</em>
15 Sep
Written by Jessica

First TV Spot for The Thing »

Aliens and flame-throwers galore


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