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Rhys Meyers, Perlman join <i>White House Down</i>‘s director’s next
4 Jun
Written by Ashleigh Davies

Rhys Meyers, Perlman join White House Down‘s director’s next »

About a young man who is caught up in the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York

Red band Trailer : 13 Sins
12 Mar

Red band Trailer : 13 Sins »

A down-on-his luck salesman gets a strange phone that sets him on a series of 13 tasks, each more sinister

Original Robocop teaming up with a Universal Soldier!
7 Feb
Written by Editorial Staff

Original Robocop teaming up with a Universal Soldier! »

Peter Weller and Dolph Lundgren team up for “Skin Trade”, which Dolph also co-wrote

TV stars under <i>Curfew</i>
16 Jul

TV stars under Curfew »

Wesley, Rossum and Perlman to star in feature version of Oscar-winning short

Cole Hauser and Ron Perlman in a remake of <i>The Virginian</i>
3 Oct

Cole Hauser and Ron Perlman in a remake of The Virginian »

Best remembered as a TV series, the tale tells of a ranch foreman named South who makes it his responsibility to find the rustlers who have been decimating his employers operation

Drive »

I was constantly looking for subtext I just don’t think was there

Exclusive : Story Specs for CW’s<i>Beauty and the Beast</i> reboot
28 Jan

Exclusive : Story Specs for CW’sBeauty and the Beast reboot »

Catherine’s a Cop. Vincent’s a beer-drinking, Wii-playing Super-Soldier.

Conan the Barbarian
26 Nov

Conan the Barbarian »

No match for the Arnold Schwarzenegger version from ’82

3 Oct

Drive »

10 double in-season passes up for grabs!

Vincent and Catherine return! <i>Beauty & the Beast</i> rebooted!
16 Sep

Vincent and Catherine return! Beauty & the Beast rebooted! »

CW redoing Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman series

Perlman, Zane onboard <i>Scorpion King</i> sequel
26 Nov

Perlman, Zane onboard Scorpion King sequel »

Currently shooting in Thailand


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