A whole lotta Superman on the table at WB

WB hasn’t given poor Supes much time in orbit in recent years – besides the incredible HBO Max thing that single-handedly revived interest in the Snyderverse, and the newly-launched “Superman & Lois” series – but that’s all about to change.

Not only is there heavy talk of a Henry Cavill return down the line, despite the Snyderverse going away (at the moment), but there’s a reboot – set on Earth 2 – with either Michael B.Jordan or John Boyega donning the cape, and talk of more wire-work for CW-fave Brandon Routh, too.

Here’s what WB are rumored to be looking at at the moment :

HBO Max/Henry Cavill series – After their bravura work on “Justice League”, Henry Cavill is rumored to be keen on getting in with Warner Media’s premier streamer to do some kind of “Superman” series. Wouldn’t surprise me if this, or something of close vicinity, happens.

J.J Abrams reboot – Abrams returns to the brand, having written “Superman Flyby” years ago. Michael B.Jordan, rumored to be keen on getting involved in a new take on the Man of Steel, is hotly tipped to take the title role, but according to industry insider Daniel Richtman, “Star Wars” alum John Boyega is also in the mix.

Brandon Routh/Arrowverse – Not surprisingly, considering the dude’s popularity but also the rousing reaction to his Superman return on “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, the CW – says Richtman – is rumoured to be putting an ‘S’ back on Routh.

And, of course, there’s this too – which has turned out to be a true delight.

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