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Animated The Green Hornet coming from Kevin Smith


Animated The Green Hornet coming from Kevin Smith

Animated The Green Hornet coming from Kevin Smith

Smith is teaming up with kids producer WildBrain to bring the project to screens.

Kevin Smith is teaming up with WildBrain to develop an animated series of “The Green Hornet”, reports Deadline.

Smith has had a long history with “The Green Hornet”, having written a script for a feature film back in 2004, that never eventuated. However, it was turned into a comic book series, and the feature film ended up being written by Seth Rogan.

There was also a 1966 live-action TV series, which starred Bruce Lee and Van Williams.

Per the report: Smith and WildBrain are developing the new animated series to target a family audience. The series will be set in contemporary times, following the adventures of a re-imagined Green Hornet and Kato – now the grown son of the original Green Hornet and the daughter of the original Kato – as they partner to battle crime in Century City. It will also feature the Green Hornet’s ultra-high-tech car, Black Beauty.

Kevin Smith said, “It’s an honor to escort the legendary Green Hornet and Kato into their very own animated series for the first time in the rich history of these iconic pop culture characters. We’ll be telling a tale of two Hornets – past and future – that spans generations and draws inspiration from a lifetime spent watching classic cartoons and amazing animation like Batman: The Animated Series, Heavy Metal, and Super Friends. I can’t believe WildBrain gave me this job and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to extend my childhood a little longer.”

The Green Hornet originated back in the ’30s as a radio series created by George W. Trendle. It told the story of Britt Reid, the wealthy owner and publisher of the fictional newspaper, The Daily Sentinel. By day, Reid oversees his paper’s reporting on crime and injustice, but by night he dons his green mask and ventures across the city with his sidekick Kato to battle criminals and villains head on.

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