Assassins Creed producer joins Duke Nukem movie

“Assassin’s Creed” producer Jean-Julien Baronnet has been enlisted to helm steer another video game into a feature film, “Duke Nukem” for Gearbox Platinum Dunes.

According to Variety, Gearbox have been meeting with writers on the project – which Paramount was also onboard in at one point, though they’re no longer involved – so they can start to prep a package for the money-men.

John Cena is rumored to be playing the muscular cigar-chomping alien-fighter.

“He’s a parody of 1980s action heroes and he’s like Deadpool in terms of being able to break the fourth wall,” Gearbox’s Sean Harran said. “We see a lot of humor in his confronting the values of today while trying to save the world.”

Baronnet agrees, adding, “Duke is exactly the kind of very blunt character that we need in the world today.”

Gearbox bought the intellectual property rights to Duke Nukem a decade ago.

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