Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (Steelbook)

An adequate follow up to its 1989 predecessor as Bill and Ted (Reeves and Winter) aren’t traversing time but travelling through the afterlife.

As funny for its individual setups as the first but by definition not as original. It furthers but doesn’t improve on the very 90’s phenomenon of trying to establish a comic phenomenon that takes off through is word of mouth buzz (usually by trying to infect popular culture with easily grasped catchphrases).

DVD : Shout Factory’s newly released ‘Steelbook’ edition includes a great lot of extras, including dual audio commentaries (sadly, neither of which feature Keanu Reeves), a retrospective featurette featuring interviews with actors Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, And William Sadler,Producer Scott Kroopf, Production Designer David L. Snyder, and Composer David Newman, as well as the original (dated) theatrical trailer.

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