Bioshock Movie Has A Director

Arrrrrrrghhh Matey

Now here’s some movie news that I’m very excited about – an adaptation of the video game “Bioshock” has itself a Director attached to the project, with “Variety” announcing today that Gore Verbinski (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) has signed on the dotted line, with John Logan (“The Aviator”) in talks to write the screenplay.

Why am I so excited by this? You wouldn’t need to ask if you’ve ever played the game, but it was hailed universally by critics for it’s dark atmosphere, and brilliant story about the fall of a gigantic underwater city, and the twisted drug-fuelled “Splicers”, “Big Daddies” & “Little Sisters” that inhabit its ruins.

The game centered on a plane crash survivor known as Jack, who, suffering from amnesia, finds himself in the city of Rapture, being guided to a hopeful return to the surface by a man known only as Atlas. But that’s just the start of the fun – trust me, this one is gonna be great, and the fact that a guy like Verbinski is in charge only furthers my happiness.

Now – would you kindly get yourself a copy of the game to get ready?

Here’s Josh Brolin as George W!

Gregor Jordan does the Unthinkable