Blue’s Clues is returning

Hey kids, get excited! Our favourite brainy blue pooch is coming back! I was a bit too old at the time to appreciate “Blue’s Clues” through the eyes of the intended age bracket, but I’m ashamed to admit the countless times that darn dog outsmarted me.

The show has been revived for a further 20 episodes on Nickelodeon, and the good news is the host spot is still up for grabs so if you’re keen – click here!

The copy of the audition material is hilarious, to say the least. While the host is on the quest to find out just what Blue is after to drink, the music builds…tensely. I can’t make this stuff up. Honestly though, can anyone tell me what happened with the original host? There were rumours about some naughty stuff behind the scenes but I’m definitely not going to start or encourage any gossip.

The show will be modernised to suit the current audience, with Blue appearing more 3D, more furry and a lot more huggable. Awwww.

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