Can Chris Kattan convince Will Ferrell to do Night at the Roxbury 2?

Cue the Haddaway!

Chris Kattan wants a “Night at the Roxbury” sequel…

…Just one issue…

He and co-star Will Ferrell haven’t been buddies for many years.

Based on a recurring sketch on television’s long-running “Saturday Night Live” called “The Roxbury Guys”, the two-hander starred Kattan and Ferrell as brothers who get comically rejected by women in various clubs. The film saw the dimish, dancing duo making pals with “21 Jump Street” legend (!) Richard Grieco.

According to his 2019 memoir, 50 year-old Kattan claimed that “Saturday Night Live” chief Lorne Michaels pressured him to have sex with the film’s would-be director Amy Heckerling (“Clueless”), which ultimately hurt his friendship with Ferrell. Saucy, sour stuff.

Kattan tells Page Six that he’d love to work with Will again and hopes that might be in the form of a “Roxbury” reunion movie.

Working with Ferrell, his former “SNL” co-star, is “one of the coolest things to do” says Kattan, and he’s “one of those guys who is just as funny off-screen as he is on-screen.”

“I think it’s a no-brainer that it would be a fun movie to do, I think,” he said. “I don’t think it would be difficult to be made and difficult for it to make a lot of money. I would up for it. I think it would be a lot of fun.”

The “Corky Romano” star says the 1998 comedy, directed by John Fortenberry, “deserves” a sequel.

Ferrell told Moviehole a few years back that he wasn’t very fond of the “Roxbury” film – and didn’t want to resurrect the Butabi brothers.

“It’s a strange thing that one. It wasn’t a hit at the cinemas, it wasn’t a flop either. But it found more of a life on video and DVD”, Ferrell says. “I was in New York, and this Foreign Cab driver turns and looks at me and goes, ‘Roxbury guy! I love it”.

But despite the loyal following, Ferrell seems a little dissatisfied with the film. “Let’s just say I liked my part in ‘The Ladies Man’ [another SNL inspired flick] better than I liked the whole ‘Roxbury’ movie. I couldn’t believe it when Lorne Michaels [SNL’s producer] said he wanted to make a movie about the Roxbury guys”.

“So no sequel, I’ve kind of done that”.

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