Captain Marvel verdict : “totally awesome”, “unique” and “pure joy”!

Despite what the fibbing trolls say, Disney didn’t show “Marvel’s Captain Marvel” (man, that sounds odd… anyway…) until today. Like Sloth in “The Goonies”, it was until lock-and-key. Nobody got a look at Brie in her moon boots until today. The press rolled into screenings tonight in North America, where the house of mouse proudly showed off it’s first big superhero jaunt for the year, and by the sounds of things…  those fake reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have it all wrong! (funny that).

“Captain Marvel”, while very ambitious, is an absolute friggin’ yeehaw! (as one of my relatives use to say mid-way through a football match) with Batman-franchise port-over Ben Mendelsohn the surprising MVP! (lots of praise for Goose the cat, too!).

Here’s some of the Tweets going out!

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