Casting : Hart, Weaving, Egerton, Hauser, Evans, Williams, Foy, De Niro & more!

After months of back-and-forward umming and aaahing, Kevin Hart has officially boarded the film adaptation of “Borderlands”.  Hart will play the skilled soldier Roland in the Lionsgate release. [More…]


“Ready or Not” star Samara Weaving is set to star in “Liz”, a biopic about American founding mother and celebrity Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte. Adam Leon will direct the historical drama, the story of the daughter of a city merchant and the first wife of Jérome Bonaparte, Napoleon’s youngest brother, whom she first met in 1803. [More…]


Taron Egerton (“Kingsman”) and Paul Walter Hauser (“Richard Jewell”) will star in AppleTV’s six-hour adaptation of true crime memoir “In With the Devil”. The series, scripted by Dennis Lehane and directed by Michael R.Roskam, will shoot in New Orleans. [More…]


Luke Evans (“Beauty & The Beast”) will play the Coachman in Disney’s live-action “Pinnochio” movie starring Tom Hanks. Robert Zemeckis directs the film, which will premiere on streaming service Disney+, not theaters. [More…]


Michelle Williams will star in Kelly Reichardt’s “Showing Up”, “a vibrant and sharply funny portrait of an artist on the verge of a career-changing exhibition. As she navigates family, friends, and colleagues in the lead up to her show, the chaos of life becomes the inspiration for great art.” [More…]


Kenneth Branagh will play British P.M Boris Johnson in Michael Winterbottom series “The Sceptred Isle”. The show, produced by Fremantle, Richard Brown’s Passenger and Winterbottom’s Revolution Films, tells of Johnson’s reaction to the coronavirus. [More…]


“Spider-Man : Homecoming” actor Tony Revolori has been cast in Disney+’s “Willow” series. Ellie Bamber, Cailee Spaeny and Erin Kellyman are also joining the series, which will see Warwick Davis reprise his role from the 1988 film. [More…]


John Boyega and Robert De Niro will star in Netflix drama “The Sands”, a Gerald McMurray-directed film about a prodigious racing driver who becomes a getaway driver to help save his family. [More…]


Claire Foy will star in the film adaptation of Melissa Border’s “The Pisces”.  The “Girl Win the Spider’s Web ” actress will play a PhD student plagued with writer’s block and romantic obsession in the film.  [More…]

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