Celeste & Jesse Forever

Rhyming funnyman Andy Samberg demonstrates his versatility, while up-and-coming comedienne Rashida Jones unleashes another sweet, likeable performance that’ll scoot her further up the chain towards the snagging the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ chain, in the ‘When Harry Met Sally’-esque two-hander ”Celeste & Jesse Forever”

More sweet than – the chosen headline acts are likely to mislead – silly, Lee Toland Krieger’s expose into the evolving relationship relies and succeeds on the strength of the duo’s chemistry – of which there’s enough to fill a dozen flaming beakers.

The film immediately sucks one into the world of Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Samberg), a couple who, despite getting along fantastically, have decided to get a divorce.

Most of the titular twosome’s friends and family are as confused as the audience are when the bombshell is dropped that Celeste and Jesse are parting ways, but the answer to the ‘Why, when these two get along so great, are they splitting up?’ question is ultimately answered – even if it’s with a retort that’ll leave a few raw.

The screenplay, by Jones and Will McCormack, is about the natural evolution of relationships and how what might look amazing on the outside, is gaping with holes on the inside. It’s topics will tickle as much as touch those who’ve experienced that same bump-in-the-road with another half.

The film isn’t without its flaws – for starters, it seems a little lost a times, as if struggling to settle on a tone or end goal – but on the whole it’s effective, and namely because it doesn’t go the saccharine Katherine Heigl route, and rush to get the twosome together by final frame (far from it), instead, it’s more interested in painting a more realistic portrayal of the contemporary unit where something’s, well, missing.

Blu-ray details/extras : In addition to a ‘Hobbit’ (sorry, did I mention Elijah Wood is a part of the support cast!?), “Celeste & Jesse Forever” comes complete with commentaries, deleted scenes, and speaking mouths conversing about the picture they’ve just shot.

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Casting : Hamm, Portman, Williams, Blackburn, Garcia, Romano, Valli, James