Chan not too excited about doing Rush Hour 3

Jackie ‘I’m going to quit Hollywood’ Chan is seemingly doing anything but telling that he’s got a slew of U.S films on his plate.

Were you supposed to do Pink Panther? What happened with that?
I don’t know. In Hollywood, there are so many- – it’s not rumors, there are meetings. Meeting and how to combine everything.

Okay, for example, Did you agree to do Cato?
Yes. I love Steve Martin. I think he’s a wonderful genius. Okay, then they ask Steve Martin, yes, then we talk. Then the meetings stop. Then Green Hornet? Yes. I’ll do Green Hornet. Then two years later. Then Rush Hour, let’s do it. Yes, go.

You had a meeting on Green Hornet?
Everything, yeah.

With Kevin Smith?
No, a long time ago.

But you met with Steve Martin?
No, my office, William Morris did.

So, you always say you don’t like Rush Hour, but you’re doing Rush Hour 3?
I don’t like them, but the audience likes it. Yeah, I have to do like Rush Hour 3 [after] Around the World in 80 Days. See the difference. That’s a more serious, a little bit serious, but this one is totally for a family movie. Then I go back to Hong Kong. Okay, I make New Police Story, heavy drama, very heavy. Waaah, like this. Then I turn into The Myth. The Myth is more like Indiana Jones. Not very technology. It’s like an old fashioned story.

Is that what used to be called Time Breaker/Titanium Rain?
No. [That] stop[ped]. See, William Morris took so long. New Police Story, The Myth is my own company, JCE, Jackie Chan Empire. So quick, I just called the director and make it. I really hope you get to see the Police Story. I don’t want a meeting, I don’t have a meeting, I just pick up the script, go. On the set I can change whatever I want.

Does New Police Story have a US distributor?
I’m not going to sell it. Why? Because you know the problem.

What is The Myth?
The Myth is totally different than 80 Days and New Police Story. It’s like Indiana Jones. I’m going to find the Ching Dynasty tomb. And also help the American NASA do something. But myself is an archeologist. I have to go to India. There’s a very fantasy in the movie.

Wasn’t Armor of God your Indiana Jones franchise?
Yes. Suppose I want to be Armor of God 3, but after Stanley the director said, “Let’s make a new thing.” Okay, then becoming The Myth.

Are you doing Joe’s Last Chance?
What? Chinese script? American Film? What’s the name of it?

Joe’s Last Chance and you play a character named Friendly?

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