Characters in Top Gun 2 include Goose’s son

According to casting breakdowns acquired by That Hashtag Show, Goose’s son will be a key character in the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel.

Not surprisingly, since Tom Cruise’s character ‘Maverick’ was on the scene when his father (Anthony Edward’s character in the 1986 film) met his maker, the young pilot will butt heads with his father’s flyboy friend.

Wrigley aka ‘Riot’ distrusts Maverick, is in love with fellow pilot ‘Sugar’, and eventually realizes he and his father’s friend have more in common than they initially wanted to believe. Apparently he is forced to eject in enemy territory and Maverick comes after him.

Character breakdowns for “Top Gun : Maverick” also reveal some of the other students that Lt. Mitchell (that’s ‘Maverick’ to everyone else) will be rubbing shoulders with in the briefing room, as well as a love interest (yup, no Kelly McGillis this time around) for the legendary pilot. Check them all out here!

No word on any returning characters (besides Cruise’s Maverick) but there’s a good shot Meg Ryan could appear, since she played Goose’s missus and is Riot’s mama.

“Top Gun : Maverick”, written and directed by Joseph Kosinski, releases Jul 12, 2019.

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