Charlie from The Mighty Ducks grew up to be Dr. Death!?

Joshua Jackson (“Dawson’s Creek”, “Fringe”, the above-titled “Ducks” franchise) has replaced Jamie Dornan as “Dr. Death” in the upcoming Peacock series of the same name.

‘Pacey’ spots for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star in the role of Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), a rising star in the Dallas medical community. Young, charismatic and ostensibly brilliant, Dr. Duntsch was building a flourishing neurosurgery practice when everything suddenly changed. Patients entered his operating room for complex but routine spinal surgeries and left permanently maimed or dead. As victims piled up, two fellow physicians, neurosurgeon Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby (Christian Slater), set out to stop him.

“Dr. Death” explores the twisted mind of Dr. Duntsch and the failures of the system designed to protect the most defenseless among us.

Based on the podcast of the same name, “Dr. Death” goes into production this fall -knock on wood.

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