Check out a teaser for animated sci-fi feature film Black Box!

Filmmaker Ryan Braund is developing a animated sci-fi feature film titled “Black Box”, based on his award-winning screenplay.

The plot sees a reclusive programmer finding his mind inexplicably linked to his homemade supercomputer. Braund describes it as a dark, psychological sci-fi thriller dealing with issues such as mental illness and the dangers of super intelligent machines hacking humans through social engineering. It’s a film that constantly keeps you guessing as David (the protagonist) struggles to determine whether his machine is malfunctioning or if HE is malfunctioning. “Kind of like Darren Aronofsky’s ‘PI’ crossed with ‘Ex Machina’ and Shane Carruth’s ‘Primer'”

The voice cast of the film include Nick Eriksen (David), Jeremy Smith-Sebasto (AL), Heather Gonzalez (Amy), Jef Leeson (Jerry)

Check out the teaser below!

The screenplay won the Festigious award for Best Screenwriting in 2018, was a semi-finalist in the Write/LA Competition, and in the top 20% of screenplays at the Austin Film Festival.

With Braund taking a year off to focus solely on the one-man feature film, he also has a Kickstarter up and running to help fund the project. Check it out here!
Connect with Ryan here:

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