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That top little fansite talked to the discount pill viagra original Irwin ‘Fletch’ Fletcher, Chevy Chase,about Kevin Smith’s plans for "Fletch Won".

Laker Jim: After Kevin Smith’s Jersey Girl (NOTE: and now Green Hornet) he is going to do "Fletch Won" (the first Fletch Novel) which will be the story of a young Fletch and his first big case. He’s recently said "He (Chevy) was excellent. I mean Chevy is a comedy god. I want to work in Chevy Chase. Which would require a framing device where he’s telling the story . So we’d start with him and segway to Jason Lee (NOTE: now who knows). But that’s if he’s willing to do it." Without agreeing to anything, would you at least consider it? Fletch fans everywhere want you to be a part of this.

Chevy Chase: For the record, Smith invited me to lunch about 5 or 6 years ago to talk to me about doing another Fletch movie: with me , obviously, playing Fletch. He was ebullient about it; about working with me; and said he was writing it as we spoke. After that lunch, he never took or returned a call from me. After 2 years, I was called by Alan Greisman, producer of the Fletch films, saying, "Kevin doesn’t want to do it." PERIOD! So I waited for 3 friggin’ years to hear from someone else that Mr. Kevin Smith was, for all practical purposes, lying to me to begin with – having written nothing – rudely deceiving me, and all with no apparent concern for how easily (facile) one can hurt another human being and his family…he can shove it up his hole. If this is the type of director he aspires to being (the type of person I’ve seen a million times in Hollywood), I hope he gets the Karma he’s owed. As for me, he owes me one hell of an explanation. (But, with some, when you’re "hot" the rest of the world owes you). If I played any part in the Fletch remake, think about it: as soon as I appeared on the screen people would say, "Hey…There’s Fletch, man!" Silly idea. Keep me out of it. Fletch is me.

Laker Jim: I know you said you can’t see anyone else playing Fletch (cause they’d just be imitating Chevy Chase), but what do you think of Jason Lee as an actor (who might play a younger Fletch)? He is a huge fan of yours and loves Fletch. Would you consider taking him under your wing?

Chevy Chase: I don’t know him or his humor. But, given how much "Fletch" was a personal product of my improvisation and the work closest to me as a person, I don’t get it. $?? (Always). As for Lee, I’m flattered and would be happy to share what I can with him.

Laker Jim: Do you have any updates on any upcoming projects (Unleashed, Rent-A-Husband, the NBC sitcom?)

Chevy Chase: "Unleashed" I’ve heard nothing about. I did a dog’s voice for no money as a "favor" to Jon Voigt. "Rent-A-Husband" has been renamed "Our Italian Husband," I was paid nothing and price pills levitra online uk know nothing. Sitcom pilot bit the shorts. Ultimately, "reality" TV was killing NBC and Jeff Zucker, who really wanted to do another with me, shared his dilemma with me. I understood. Not really hot to do a sitcom anyway.

Laker Jim: Are the rumors about Caddyshack 3 true?

Chevy Chase: No.

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