Danny Trejo will serve up more True Blood in From Dusk Till Dawn series

Danny Trejo, currently out touting his return as blade-wielding Taco-consumer Machete, tells We Got This Covered he’ll be back for the recently-announced “From Dusk Till Dawn” series.

Absolutely! They can’t do that without me! I’m the bartender! [Laughs] Robert [Rodriguez] and I have already collaborated on that. Yeah, I love television, I do it all.

Now, granted, that was pretty much a given, considering Trejo did appear in all three “From Dusk Till Dawn” movies (including the two direct-to-dvd sequels) and also because Rodriguez usually uses his old friend somewhere, in most things he does, but that’s the first confirmation that ‘the bartender’ is back.

The “From Dusk Till Dawn” series will air on Rodriguez’s El Rey Network.

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