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David Duchovny to star in adaptation of his book Truly Like Lightning

“X-Files” and “Californication” star David Duchovny is reuniting with Showtime for a potential new series based on his recently published novel “Truly Like Lightning”. Duchovny is attached to star in the project.

Duchovny will write the adaptation with Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, who will also direct if the script is picked up for pilot.

Per Deadline:
In Truly Like Lightning, the unplugged, off-the-grid, almost biblical desert lives of former Hollywood stuntman, Bronson Powers (Duchovny) and his 3 wives and 10 children is upended when a ruthless real estate developer stumbles upon his thousands of acres in Joshua Tree and tries to force him off his land and return his family to the temptations and modernity of 21st century America. The book is described as a heartbreaking meditation on family, religion, sex, greed, human nature, and the vanishing environment of an ancient desert.

“Truly Like Lightning” is Duchovny’s third novel, and the star has expressed his excitement to get the project going with Showtime:

“I’m so excited to be heading back home to Showtime with the uniquely talented team of Schwartz and Nilson — it’s a collaboration I can’t wait to begin”

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