David Lynch’s new series Wisteria is real; casting shortly

A couple of days back word got out – thanks to a listing on Production Weekly- that superlative storyteller David Lynch was prepping a new series for Netflix (something we’ve been hearing for a while) titled “Wisteria”.

I wanted to hold off on posting about it for a couple of days while I ran it by someone who, I had a feeling, would know whether the series is indeed a lock to go.

So yup, can confirm that the series is indeed a real thing, and as reported, Lynch and producing partner Sabrina Sutherland set to lens the mystery project next May. Casting will take place shortly but it’s believed Lynch has met with a couple of names (one whose name rhymes with Learn) for headline roles.

While early intel suggests that the new show is unconnected to “Twin Peaks” – co-creator Mark Frost has even denied any involvement in “Wisteria” – there IS speculation that the show might be a continuation of Showtime’s sequel series with Sheryl Lee reprising her role as Carrie Page. During a Q&A at the Theatre at ACE Hotel in Los Angeles a couple of years back, the “Eraserhead” helmer said he was interested in continuing Page’s tale. “It’s calling, but there are a lot of disturbances”, he said.

This tweet adds fuel to the fire, too.

So, what it is? chances are we won’t know until Lynch decides to let the cat out of the bag – but one thing’s for sure, it’s a reality and it’s safe to say we’ll see a couple of familiar faces from “Twin Peaks” in it.

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