Delta variant scares off big studio release from September

Will others follow “Clifford, the Big Red Dog”‘s lead?

Paramount just skirted the release of their “Clifford the Big Red Dog” movie..

… and not because of some poor test screening feedback, reshoots or folks protesting against colorizing pooches . Nope, I’m afraid the coronavirus is back playing havoc with big studio releases again.

Just when it looked like things were getting better for theatrical releases, and those that screen them, Paramount Pictures has decided that the scary new Delta variant is so threatening that they’re not confident they’ll be able to release the live-action/CGI hybrid family film on September 17 as planned.

If I had to guess, this will be the first of several tentpoles pushed because of the destructive, more deadlier version of Covid-19. September, October and November sees the release of such highly-anticipated, and already significantly delayed fare like “No Time to Die”, “Top Gun : Maverick”, and “Dune”.

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