Disney just green lit a new Predator movie

20th Century Studios, now housed at Disney, has tapped Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) to direct a new “Predator” film.

Per Deadline, the script is being written by “Jack Ryan” producer-writer Patrick Aison and has been described as a continuation of the series, as opposed to be a redo.

The film won’t have much to do with Shane Black’s 2018 take, “The Predator”.

It was always the plan to try and bring Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Dutch’ back from the original 1987 film with both Black and Robert Rodriguez – who directed “Predators”- offering the “Terminator” actor spots in their respective films. Schwarzenegger ultimately passed because he thought audiences would feel robbed if Dutch wasn’t the lead character in the films. Maybe Disney has plans to bring the original hero back to headline this new film?

Schwarzenegger recently reprised the character for a new video game based on the movie – so he’s clearly still a fan of the franchise.

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