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Disney+ rumours : Indiana Jones series abandoned, Daredevil set during ‘the blip’?

Which would explain why Foggy and Karen aren’t back.

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting Disney+’s proposed Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny spin-off series is no longer in development.

Disney, according to The Hot Mic, has informed Lucasfilm that they’re keen on doing only Star Wars shows moving forward and aren’t interested in pursuing anything set in the Indiana Jones universe at the moment.

Harrison Ford was not expected to be back for the series.

Meanwhile, new set pics from the upcoming “Daredevil : Born Again” have surfaced, revealing the date the reboot could be set.

While the Charlie Cox-starring Disney+ series was thought to be set after the events of the “She-Hulk” series (where Matt Murdock first appeared), these pics clearly have a March 15, 2020 date on them. Might the show actually be a prequel to the latter, set during ‘the blip’-  explaining why Foggy and Karen aren’t returning for the new show?

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