Doc Reviews : All I Know So Far, Sunflowers

Two superb documentaries not to miss this weekend

All I Know So Far

Pink. What a revelation. If you’re not part of the film club, you will be after Amazon Prime’s new doco on the artist birthed

Directed by Michael Gracey, and chronicling the singer’s whirlwind 23-country promo tour for “Beautiful Trauma” in 2018-2019, the all-encompassing “All I Know So Far” explores just how and why Pink dopes what he she does, but how she’s able to do it without taking pause. The woman is, quite frankly, an unstoppable terminator. From the impossible on-stage choreography to juggling parenthood with a bustling music career, Gracey zaps us into that fly on the wall giving “fans” unrestricted access to the musical genius behind such hits as

Unlike some docs fixing on musicians, where you may come away questioning both the sanity and stability of the artist, Pink’s endless charm, loyalty and determination will win everyone over here. [Amazon Prime]



Part postcard, part biopic, Exhibition on Screen’s “Sunflowers” meshes a virtual exhibition on Vincent Van Gogh’s greatest works with rich dramatizations – and very effectively so, I might say.
Shot at the Van Gogh Musuem in Amsterdam, director David Bickerstaff’s film offers audiences a close-up look at the paintings – something most of us won’t get the pleasure to do, especially considering the global pandemic- while informing us how each bit of art came together. Jamie de Courcey plays Van Gogh in some superbly well-done dramatizations that give us great insight into the artist’s inspirations, motivation and the man himself.

Also featuring dialogue from botanists and art historians, the striking picture will likely send most headed either to the gallery or a library- to further research the legendary artist.

One for lovers of art and the geniuses behind it. [Select Theaters]

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