Does this mean Donald Glover may end up Spider-Man!?

The next Spider-Man might not be Peter Parker.

When the webslinger makes his return to the bigscreen in “Captain America : Civil War”, it could very well be (recent comic incarnation) Miles Morales behind the cherry mask.

The Wrap’s Jeff Schneider dropped the bombshell on the Meet the Movie Press Podcast.

“This is not set in stone, guys, but I’m telling you right now: Spider-Man’s not going to be white. I’m 95% sure. Spider-Man’s going to be most likely black. But there’s a chance he could also be latino. 95% sure: not white. I don’t think it’s going to be Peter Parker.”

While Miles Morales fits in with recent reports that the new Spidey will be younger (than Andrew Garfield’s version), it doesn’t mesh with rumours that Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman are in the mix to play the role.

Gotta say, not using Peter Parker may be the way to go for the moment.

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