Dougray Scott playing Ruby Rose’s father on Batwoman

Legendary pilot pro David Nutter (“Smallville”, “The Flash”) will no longer direct The CW’s “Batwoman” pilot, says Deadline.

Nutter had to step away from the project due to personal reasons. Marcos Siega (“The Vampire Diaries”) will take over as director and executive producer on the series, which features Ruby Rose as Batman’s crime-fighting cousin.

Meanwhile, Dougray Scott (“Hitman”) will play Rose’s on-screen father in the series.

Here’s how Deadline describe the character of Jacob Kane : “a former military colonel with a chip on his shoulder for Batman, Jacob Kane now commands Gotham’s private security firm The Crows, and has made it his mission to protect his city better than the Dark Knight ever could. But it’s only a matter of time before his unwavering disdain for vigilantes puts him at odds with Gotham’s new caped crusader…who also happens to be his own daughter.”

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