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Exclusive : Conjuring up Bewitched remake details!

Though its no longer moving forward this TV season (its in contention for the 2020-2021 line-up), thought y’all would be keen on learning about ABC Studios’ “Bewitched”, a ‘blended’ reworking of the ’60s sitcom (that our folks were glued to the boob tube watching on Thursday nights) but with more of a ‘supernatural’ tone than its precursor.

Not at all unlike the original Sol Saks series, the new “Bewitched” wants fresh faces to play Samantha, Darrin and Endora – so every agent and manager on WhatsApp had been hit up with the call.

Here’s the 411 on the characters and plot :

Samantha, played by Elizabeth Montgomery in the original, is described as an African American Female, 35-42.  “A divorced single mother and witch. Magic has given her everything. Now she wants what matters, and she’ll get it herself. She’s determined to make a new life amongst mortals with her 13-year-old daughter, Mya, without relying on their magic. The kind of woman who’d be adored by a rockstar but dumps him for an improviser. She’s showing her daughter female empowerment while locking horns with her mother about how that looks. She won’t hesitate to risk it all for love. She asks for forgiveness instead of permission. She’s determined, but easy going. Fun, but not frivolous. Stylish, but not stuffy. Means business, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. If you want her to do something, tell her she “can’t” and then stand back.”

Darrin, played by both Dick York and Dick Sargent over the original series’ run, is “Caucasian Male, 35-42; A divorced single dad and mortal. He’s down to Earth despite the silver spoon in his mouth. He’s over his parents’ coddling. Darrin’s woke to his privilege, finding himself late in life, but excited for the journey. He’s never had to work hard, but now it’s all he wants to do. He’s flawed, not hopeless. Goofy, not lame. A good guy – the office favorite who even remembers the janitor’s birthday. He’d love to be cooler and buffer, but he still likes himself. He wears his heart on his sleeve, finds joy in the little things, is prone to fight injustice and not above being petty. He’s teaching his 13-year-old daughter, Poppy, a strong work ethic while learning it himself. The guy who ruins a surprise party out of excitement, not malice.”

And Endora, Agnes Moorehead in the original, is “African American Female, 48-55; a witch. Sam’s powerful, diva mother with a designer wardrobe and old school politics. But she’s empowered, just in a different way — secure and wise enough to be unbothered by the trivial worries of mortal women. Who cares if you cook when you can conjure up a Michelin star quality dinner out of nowhere? But to Sam, her traditionalism often contradicts her feminism. She travels a lot, dates many, lives lavishly and speaks authentically. She loves to be feared and, sometimes she fears to be loved. Crusty, but benign when it comes to family. An unstoppable enemy when you come for her family.”

Casting was also underway for the part of Roman, the chauvinistic douche who Samantha dumps early on in the pilot, Maurice, Sam’s friend and owner of a magic store, his wife, Liliana (described as ‘Sofia Vergara with an AARP card’), and Darrin’s emo daughter, Poppy.

The new “Bewitched” hails from “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris and that show’s writer/producer Yamara Taylor. Set up with ABC Studios, Sony Pictures TV, and Davis Entertainment, it tells of a single black mother, also a witch, who marries white slacker Darrin. It’s apparently a very, very decent pilot script and should really surprise when it eventually hits the air next year.

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