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Exclusive : Conjuring up Bewitched remake details!

In contention for the 2020-2021 ABC line-up




Though its no longer moving forward this TV season (its in contention for the 2020-2021 line-up), thought y’all would be keen on learning about ABC Studios’ “Bewitched”, a ‘blended’ reworking of the ’60s sitcom (that our folks were glued to the boob tube watching on Thursday nights) but with more of a ‘supernatural’ tone than its precursor.

Not at all unlike the original Sol Saks series, the new “Bewitched” wants fresh faces to play Samantha, Darrin and Endora – so every agent and manager on WhatsApp had been hit up with the call.

Here’s the 411 on the characters and plot :

Samantha, played by Elizabeth Montgomery in the original, is described as an African American Female, 35-42.  “A divorced single mother and witch. Magic has given her everything. Now she wants what matters, and she’ll get it herself. She’s determined to make a new life amongst mortals with her 13-year-old daughter, Mya, without relying on their magic. The kind of woman who’d be adored by a rockstar but dumps him for an improviser. She’s showing her daughter female empowerment while locking horns with her mother about how that looks. She won’t hesitate to risk it all for love. She asks for forgiveness instead of permission. She’s determined, but easy going. Fun, but not frivolous. Stylish, but not stuffy. Means business, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. If you want her to do something, tell her she “can’t” and then stand back.”

Darrin, played by both Dick York and Dick Sargent over the original series’ run, is “Caucasian Male, 35-42; A divorced single dad and mortal. He’s down to Earth despite the silver spoon in his mouth. He’s over his parents’ coddling. Darrin’s woke to his privilege, finding himself late in life, but excited for the journey. He’s never had to work hard, but now it’s all he wants to do. He’s flawed, not hopeless. Goofy, not lame. A good guy – the office favorite who even remembers the janitor’s birthday. He’d love to be cooler and buffer, but he still likes himself. He wears his heart on his sleeve, finds joy in the little things, is prone to fight injustice and not above being petty. He’s teaching his 13-year-old daughter, Poppy, a strong work ethic while learning it himself. The guy who ruins a surprise party out of excitement, not malice.”

And Endora, Agnes Moorehead in the original, is “African American Female, 48-55; a witch. Sam’s powerful, diva mother with a designer wardrobe and old school politics. But she’s empowered, just in a different way — secure and wise enough to be unbothered by the trivial worries of mortal women. Who cares if you cook when you can conjure up a Michelin star quality dinner out of nowhere? But to Sam, her traditionalism often contradicts her feminism. She travels a lot, dates many, lives lavishly and speaks authentically. She loves to be feared and, sometimes she fears to be loved. Crusty, but benign when it comes to family. An unstoppable enemy when you come for her family.”

Casting was also underway for the part of Roman, the chauvinistic douche who Samantha dumps early on in the pilot, Maurice, Sam’s friend and owner of a magic store, his wife, Liliana (described as ‘Sofia Vergara with an AARP card’), and Darrin’s emo daughter, Poppy.

The new “Bewitched” hails from “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris and that show’s writer/producer Yamara Taylor. Set up with ABC Studios, Sony Pictures TV, and Davis Entertainment, it tells of a single black mother, also a witch, who marries white slacker Darrin. It’s apparently a very, very decent pilot script and should really surprise when it eventually hits the air next year.


Exclusive : The Flash’s Harrison Wells as an Aussie?

Cavanagh on the version of Wells we’ll see in season 6

K.T Simpson



Tom Cavanagh – the scene-stealing, dynamite performer who plays many incarnations of Dr Harrison Wells on TV’s “The Flash” – tells Moviehole that this season’s version of Wells was nearly an Australian.

“He was almost an Aussie. We played with that idea. I love Australia and I’d love to do that version. We ended up going with something different — but we were very close to making him Australian. I think it’s possible a future version will indeed be from Down Under.”

Cavanagh, who said a big appeal for him in doing the show is playing the many versions of Wells each season, said the version of the character we’ll see this year isn’t someone we’ve seen before.

“It’s a new character. You’re going to really, really dig it.”

“The Flash” returns for its 6th season on The CW in October.

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Exclusive : Brandon Routh on the version of Superman he’ll play in Crossover

The actor will step back into the tights for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

K.T Simpson



Update! : It was revealed the following day  – at Comic-Con – that Routh will be playing the ‘Kingdom Come’ version of Superman.


One of our favourite supermen is inheriting his ‘S’ again.

As reported yesterday, the upcoming Arrowverse crossover will see Brandon Routh – ‘Superman’ in “Superman Returns” (2006) – reprise the Man of Steel for ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths”, which kicks off in December

Speaking to Routh last night, the top question on the ‘must ask’ deck was “are you you reprising the same Superman from Superman Returns!”

“No, he’s not the same Superman  (from the film)”, Routh tells Moviehole. “He’s a different version.. but there are some similarities.”

Routh plays Ray Palmer on The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow”. We can only assume it’s Palmer who dons the Superman suit on an alternative Earth. Guess we’ll find out..


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Exclusive : Paws for news on another Catwoman contender

Plus Vanessa Kirby also said to be in contention!




Vanessa Kirby, the leggy, versatile Brit that’s helped fill out the credits blocks on such films as “Mission Impossible : Fallout” and “Hobbs & Shaw”, is in contention to play Gotham’s meowing marauder, Catwoman in “The Batman”.

The news hails from the reliable (they were the first on the scene with Robert Pattinson’s anointment as Batman – and I wish they’d gotten more credit where it was due for that one), amiable gang at Geeks Worldwide, just as we’re hearing another name-  Florence Pugh.

Like Kirby, another versatile Brit.

While the “Fighting with my Family” scene-stealer is high on WB’s wish list for Selina Kyle, her involvement in Marvel’s “Black Widow” – she plays the new lass being primed for the ‘Black Widow’ moniker, so it’s a big role and one that will likely require reprising in the years to come -could prove a problem. While it does happen, appearing in both a DC and Marvel franchise around the same time isn’t usually the norm… if only because the studio’s don’t care to mix commodities. Still, she remains an interest.

The Purgh tip is solid, and from a good tipster (last tip from this cat turned out to be 100% accurate), but with more and more actresses  said to be meeting with the studio about the part (Vanessa Hudgens is also said to be in contention), could that “Black Widow” commitment be hurting her chances to snag the feline tail?

Interestingly enough, Kirby is slightly older than the other actresses said to be in the mix – so it could be that casting has decided to go for a Catwoman of similar age to their Batman (Pattinson).

Vanessa Kirby

Kirby, 31, would be the first actress to play live-action Ms Kyle since Anne Hathaway’s take in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Director Matt Reeves has promised us a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of villains in the film – and he’s not fibbing, with The Riddler, The Penguin and Two-Face also reportedly in the flick.

The film, set for a June 2021 release, kicks off principal photography early in the New Year.

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