Exclusive : Death Race duo reunite for AWOL

We’re gonna need some more coolant.

Luke Goss and Danny Trejo, two of the gear-crunching heroes from the “Death Race” films, are gonna steer off the tar for a while, reuniting for writer/director Christian Sesma’s actioner “AWOL”.
Bokeem Woodbine, seen recently in “Total Recall”, and Jason Mewes, who fronted Sesma’s previous film “Shoot the Hero!”, are also onboard.

Based on a script by Sesma and Cecil Chambers, “AWOL” will star Goss as a marine, equipped with the kind of secret government information that the authorities and the bad guys would kill to get their hands on, on the run.

Sesma’s done some terrific work in both the feature – but predominantly – shorts world, so this should be a biffo flick to look out for.

The filmmaker also has the pilot “KO Lopez”, a comedy set in the world of mixed martial arts, starring Mario Lopez, in the works, among other feature projects.

Though there’s nothing official on a fourth “Death Race”, word is it might transport the franchise’s central characters to a snow setting. Yep, skid marks in the white stuff.

Is TVs Southland on the way out?

Anna Hutchison