Exclusive : Sunny in the Dark poster!

Moviehole is honored to be unveiling the official poster for Courtney Ware’s “Sunny in the Dark”.

Directed by Courtney Ware, ”Sunny in the Dark” stars Jay Huguley (”12 Years a Slave”, “True Detective”) as a therapist who moves into a new loft in order to find a sanctuary to shield him from the pain of the world. What he doesn’t realize is homeless Sunny (Hannah Ward), is living in a dark crawl space above his place, carefully leaving no trace of her existence, as the two of them live out their daily lives mere feet from one another. The film also stars Lee Meriwether.

”Sunny in the Dark” has just been nominated for 7 awards from the Northeast Film Festival, where it is an Official Selection. The nominations are for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay. Ward also received a “Best Actress” Award at the Hill Country Film Festival. The film was the Official Selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival, as well as being awarded “Best First Feature” by the Arizona International Film Festival.


TV Casting: Bello, Bergl, Willig, Belushi

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