Exclusive : The Little Darlings return

Remake of the O’Neal/McNichol classic in the works

Paramount Pictures have been searching through the microfiche archives to see what they can do – it is the trend, after all – again.

Seems they’ve decided on a remake of that early 80s classic – and one of Tatum O’Neal’s higher points – “Little Darlings”.

The original film – one of the first movies I saw on a video player (!), if my memory serves me correct – told of two 15-year old girls from different sides of the tracks who compete to see who will be first to lose their virginity while at camp.

O’Neal and Kristy McNicol had the lead roles; Matt Dillon, Armand Assante and a pre-“Sex and the City” Cynthia Nixon also starred.

Eydie Faye, a successful playwright, is writing the remake (fanboys may be interested to know that she’s the sister of “Goonies” star Jeff Cohen – who played Chunk; Faye actually played Chunk’s sister in the film).

Heading up the redo are producers Pamela Abdy (“Garden State”) and Mark Miner.

I do wonder whether audiences will go for what will seen rather tame “Little Darlings” –especially after being spoilt with other, more randy ‘race to lose virginity’ films like “American Pie” – and its never-ending succession of sequels.

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