Exclusive : Updates on Dragon Eyes 2, Universal Soldier 4, Re-Kill, Bullet in the Head

Courtney Solomon is the CEO of After Dark Films, a “mini-major” that has begun producing a host of unique and original movies (the majority of which are being released in Australia over the next couple of months). Solomon is either a producer of executive producer on upcoming films like Sly Stallone’s “Bullet in the Head”, Van Damme/Lundgren sequel “Universal Soldier : A New Dimension”, “Dragon Eyes” and “Dragon Eyes 2” (both with Jean-Claude Van Damme), and “Re-Kill”, which’ll be out via the After Dark Originals label next year. Solomon is next off to Bulgaria to shoot a new action film with After Dark Action partner Joel Silver.

Here’s updates on some of those projects.

“Universal Soldier : A New Dimension”

“We have just shot Universal Soldier 4. And it’s 3D. T he movie turned out really, really well–it’s in post-production right now–the movie turned out really, really well. It’s really, really cool. And John [Hyams] made some use of the 3D camera like you’ve never seen before. He didn’t use it the way that we’re traditionally used to seeing it. He used it as if he was just shooting his film in the same style that John shoots 2D. The 3D is just all around you in places you wouldn’t even imagine the 3D to be. And it turned out great. Yeah. So I am feeling it might turn out theatrical because I think people will be really surprised by the movie. Van Damme’s in this one too. Dolph [Lundgren] too. ”

“Bullet in the Head”

“I just did a film with Sly [Stallone]. Joel [Silver] made [the script] better. Well, he had Walter [Hill] and then, you know, Joel and Walter have worked together before, and Joel and Sly have worked together before and Joel is obviously a genius.”

“Dragon Eyes 2”

“Van Damme is in one of our action movies, Dragon Eyes. Jean Claude is starring. We’re doing Dragon Eyes 2 with him right after I do this movie in December. He’s in them with Cung Le. JC has an even bigger part in Dragon Eyes 2. Yeah. He’s basically in 50%, 60% of the movie [Dragon Eyes 2]. Yeah.”

“Apparently, Jean-Claude is really, really good [in Expendables 2]. He’s like his best shape in years, like he looks great. Everybody’s talking about it in Bulgaria. They’re just telling everyone he looks great. Yeah.”


”Well, of the horror ones, Re-kill [is my fave]. Probably because I’m doing so much for Re-kill, I’m jaded. But also Seconds Apart I really like a lot and I was really proud of that film. I’m also really proud of Husk, I like Husk a lot. Yeah, I think Husk is a good throwback to the 80s, Texas Chainsaw Massacre type film. And I think you look at it and you go “Wow, that was shot on just a million three!?”. And it’s a pretty good looking film for a million three. I mean, you could never know looking at the film. So I’m proud of that on many, many levels. A movie called Transit, which nobody has seen yet which I’m extremely proud of. I think it’s a really, really good film. I’m proud of everything we’ve done, but I mean, you have some favorites, yeah.”

“St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun”

“We’re shooting a Leprechaun movie [“St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun”] for SyFy in Baton Rouge”.

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