Fantastic Four with Jennifer Lawrence? Nope!

Over the weekend, reports stared circulating  –  originating, it seems, from The Daily Telegraph – that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence was set to step into the unseen togs of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in a reboot of “Fantastic Four”.  Per the rumor, the “Hunger Games” actress would zip off to Australia – –  which is also currently hosting the latest “Thor” sequel — to shoot the film next month.

Thing is, it ain’t true. Lawrence could be headed down under to cameo in “Thor : Love and Thunder”, or maybe she’s tied to some other pic shooting in Oz, but she’s not starring in a “Fantastic Four” movie.

Furthermore, Jon Watts, who is attached to direct “Fantastic Four”, is busy shooting the latest “Spider-Man” movie. Unless he clones himself, he’s not going to be starting another film while he’s deep in production on another.

Furthermore, the film is still being developed at Marvel, meaning they don’t even have a script yet… let alone a pick for Sue.

John Krasinski has long been the fave to play Reed Richards in the MCU reboot, while his actress wife Emily Blunt is a hot pick for Sue Storm.  This is the first time Lawrence, who previously played Marvel’s Mystique in the “X-Men” movie prequels, has been name-dropped in relation to the female lead.

Capusle Reviews – Feb 20, 2021

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