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Filming dates : what’s happening this summer

K.T Simpson



Summer in the North, Winter in the South – either way, there’s a bunch of films getting production going in the middle of the year. Let’s see what’s up!

Top Gun: Maverick

The long-awaited “Top Gun 2” is getting underway this July, with director Joseph Kosinski at the helm. Omega Underground has the scoop, reporting that Paramount/Skydance will get the project rolling mid year, with a release date of July 12th, 2019. Further casting news is still yet to be seen, but the film is said to explore Maverick’s role in modern military.

The Expendables 4

The fourth instalment of the “Expendables” franchise is said to start production in August, according to The Arnold Fans, who note a comment from co-star Randy Couture:

“I’m excited about Expendables 4. Right now, we’re scheduled to start filming in August and hopefully we’re able to stay on schedule. It sounds like we’re coming back to Bulgaria, which is exciting. I’ve spend a lot of time in Sofia and Varna and I’m excited to come back. I love the people (there), I love the food and I’m excited to come back.”

Franchise-veteran Sylvester Stallone will return for the flick, though the remaining cast have a big fat question mark over their heads.

Terminator 6

The same site has a comment from Arnold Schwarzenegger, from their interview with the “Terminator” star, regarding the 6th film:

“We are starting to shoot Terminator 6 in June to the middle of October, so I am in that. I am looking forward to coming back as the T-800 model. It’s gonna be great with Tim Miller as the director and Jim Cameron is kind of supervising the whole thing.”

Paramount is yet to announce an official release date for the film, which originally was slated for July 26, 2019.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Moving away from the super action films, the “Sonic the Hedgehog” live-action film will get rolling in July in Atlanta, Georgia, Omega Underground reports. The film was recently given a release date of November 15, 2019, just in time for a very Sonic-y Christmas.

Jeff Fowler is set to direct the film, and let’s hope some casting news comes soon. I wanna know who gets the title role! (I’m available for Tails, fyi).

Movie News

Junkie XL scoring new Terminator

The film reunites the artist with “Deadpool” director Tim Miller



Junkie XL, the famed movie musicsmith who provided the audio backdrop for such films as “Alita : Battle Angel” and “Mad Max : Fury Road”, will compose “Terminator : Dark Fate”.

The film reunites the artist aka Tom Holkenborg with his ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller, as well as “Alita” producer James Cameron.

“It’s great to be working on another project with Tim,” Holkenborg said in a statement to THR. “The original Terminators were such iconic movies, and having James back as a producer with Tim directing is an amazing dream team. It’s going to be a fantastic movie to be part of.”

The Miller-directed “Terminator” reboot, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, releases November 1.

Official First Look at the Women of the New TERMINATOR (from left to right) Natalia Reyes as “Dani Ramos,” Mackenzie Davis as “Grace,” Linda Hamilton as “Sarah Connor”

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Avengers‘ Idris Elba set for another comic book movie

Actor recently signed to play Deadshot in James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad”





“Thor” and “Avengers” alum Idris Elba is in final negotiations to star in “Mouse Guard”, Fox’s adaptation of the Boom! Studios comic.

Wes Ball (“The Maze Runner”) will direct the film, also featuring Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster, which has been described as “Game of Thrones with mice”.

Shot in motion capture with WETA providing visual effects, “Mouse Guard” is a set in a medieval world and tells of an order of mice who are the sworn protectors of their realm. Enemies range from predators such as foxes and eagles to other rodents.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elba will play Celanawe, an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like figure who was once a legendary champion and now thought long gone.

Serkis is the villain of the piece, the Guard’s blacksmith known as Midnight who turns against it. Brodie-Sangster is Lieam, one of the Guard’s newest and youngest members who will be called upon to prove his bravery.

Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming ‘Batman’ reboot, is producing the film.

In addition to his roles in the Marvel cinematic universe, Elba recently signed to play Deadshot in James Gunn’s reboot of DC title “Suicide Squad”.

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Efron, Seyfried starring in Scooby Doo! movie

The “Mamma Mia!” and “Baywatch” actors join “Scoob”





Amanda Seyfried (“Twin Peaks”) and Zac Efron (“The Greatest Showman”) will lend their lungs to Warner Bros Animation Group’s “Scooby-Doo” feature film “Scoob”.

The pic, opening in 2020 and directed by Tony Cervone, sees the Mystery Inc. team up with other characters in the Hanna-Barbera universe to save the world from the evil Dick Dastardly.

Efron will play Fred, while Seyfried is Daphne.

The other cast includes Will Forte, who will play Shaggy, Gina Rodriguez is Velma, Tracy Morgan is Captain Caveman, and Frank Welker will reprise the voice of Scooby. Matthew Lillard, who has voiced Shaggy for umpteen years, wasn’t too pleased to hear he’d been left out.

Chris Columbus, of “Home Alone” and “Night at the Musueum” fame, is one of the film’s producers.

Via ‘Deadline

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