Former Lex Luthor praises Supergirl‘s Jon Cryer on his performance

Former Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum (“Smallville”) has praised “Supergirl” actor Jon Cryer on his performance as the iconic DC comics villain.

Cryer, best known for his role on the CBS sitcom “Two and-a-Half Men”, made his debut as the legendary, merciless foe of Clark Kent – or in this case, Kara – on The CW’s “Supergirl” on Sunday.

Rosenbaum, who played Luthor for seven seasons on “Smallville”, congratulated Cryer on his turn… and his ‘dome’.

Cryer, who portrayed Lenny Luthor in the ill-fated “Superman IV : The Quest for Peace” (1987), spoke a little about Lex’s relationship with sibling Lena (Katie McGrath) on “Supergirl”.

Anybody who’s lived with an entirely toxic human being in their life understands, you keep them at arm’s length, and that’s what Katie’s character Lena has done beautifully,” Cryer said. “It’s just, you know, I get that you’re there. I get that I have to deal with you, but I’m not gonna let you hurt me.”

“Although I did hurt her,” he added.

As for whether Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will get to knock Lex on his knees this season?

“Not this season”, the show’s producers have confirmed.

Here’s a taste of Cryer’s terrific performance from Sunday night :

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