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Game of Thrones sequel series, The Whites TV adaptation in the works

Two big stars return to the box

Ethan Hawke (“Moon Knight”) and Kit Harrington (“Game of Thrones”) will return to the box for new TV projects.

Hawke, recently playing ‘the big bad’ in Marvel’s “Moon Knight” over at Disney+, has been cast in Showtime’s adaptation of “The Whites”. Based on the novel, Variety says :

It begins with the idea that every detective is haunted by their White Whale, the perpetrator who got away because the justice system failed. Billy Graves (Hawke), once a rising star in his department and former member of a group of well-respected cops called the “Wild Geese,” walks away from NYPD Homicide and joins the Nightwatch division, where his cases end when he clocks out— but his past comes calling when a seemingly straightforward murder case involving a White Whale unfolds, threatening his career, enduring friendships, and family

Meanwhile, HBO is re-recruiting Kit Harrington to reprise his Jon Snow character from “Game of Thrones” for a sequel series.

According to THR, while little details are known about the series the project does seem to be gaining momentum.

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