Ghostbuster crosses streams with the Marvel Universe!

This should make up for the “Ghostbusters” snubbing hey, Ernie?

If it’s on the money, El Mayimbe says that actor Ernie Hudson – best known for playing ‘Winston’ in the “Ghostbusters” movies – is a frontrunner to play a key role in the upcoming Marvel Studios comic book blockbuster “Black Panther”. The role would be for the title character’s father, King T’Chaka.

Where the report gets even more interesting is intel suggesting Hudson has already hit the gym in preparation, and is reading his Marvel ‘Black Panther’ comics to research the role. Since “Black Panther” isn’t in cinemas until 2018, meaning it’s still a good year off from going into production, might Hudson make his first appearance as King T’Chaka in an earlier Marvel movie? Say, “Avengers : Age of Ultron” or “Captain America : Civil War”?

Guess all will be revealed soon enough!

King T'Chaka
King T’Chaka

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