Gibson returns for Fast and Furious

And “Transformers 2”, too!

The next “Fast and the Furious” movie will indeed be the Paul & Vin show – but that’s not to say some familiar faces from sequels past won’t be sliding across some bonnets. According to CHUD, Tyrese Gibson will indeed appear in “Fast and the Furious” – if even briefly.

Gibson’s “2 Fast 2 Furious” character, Roman Pearce, will pop up in a short scene (something like Vin Diesel’s cameo in “Tokyo Drift”, says the site), the actor revealed.

In addition, the actor said he’ll be returning for the next “Transformers” film – as will Jon Voight as the Secretary of Defense.

‘Michael Bay is going to up the ante on round two and raise the level. I can’t go into any details , but it’s going to be some real one of a kind things in this movie that no one has seen visually in their life. Michael Bay is really fired up to try and outdo what he did on the first round.’

Just to top it off, Gibson says he’s also attached to a film called “Desert Eagle”, which he predicts will be his “big one” – he’s convinced it’ll be a whole dang franchise.

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