Henry Cavill to star in Highlander remake

Is he playing the Christopher Lambert role?

The long-gestating “Highlander” remake has seen many a prospective Connor MacLeod come and go – including Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler – but this latest attachment may just stick.

The Chad Stahelski-directed redo, based on a Kerry Williamson script, is presumably a straight-up xerox of the 1986 film starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Cavill, we’re guessing, steps into the kilt previously worn by Lambert.

Then again, Williamson’s script may go in a completely different direction and see “Man of Steel” star Cavill play a completely new character, or even another of Connor’s cousins? (you’ll recall Adrian Paul played a relative in the “Highlander” TV series).

If I were a betting man I’d put a few bucks down on a new, rejigged ‘Princes of the Universe’ though.

Cavill, also set to return for the upcoming “Enola Holmes” sequel, was recently rumored to have met with Marvel about playing one of their tight-wearing heroes.

Via ‘Deadline

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