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UPDATED Here’s the full cast for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!

Biggsy, The Dawson, Brodie, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Jericho… and many more!

Caffeinated Clint



UPDATE! : Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of the film, Kevin Smith revealed on his Instagram. In addition… Smith has announced that the film has completed principal photography!

Well, so far...

It’s been hard to keep up with the many casting announcements – usually outed by the mac-daddy himself, K.Smith, on Instagram – over on the “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”, which is currently filming in Louisiana. Under the direction of super-fit filmmaker Kevin Smith, the film sees the two hapless hangouts from your youth (Okay, my youth..) off on a trek to Hollywood to squish a reboot of ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ from getting made.  The flick, unarguably my most anticipated of 2019’s arse end (well, it’s a close call between “Reboot” and “Terminator : Dark Fate”), is due in theaters in the fall.

So, anywho, in addition to Smith and Jason Mewes, back in pivotal first billed positions, the former has rounded up a lot of his old pals – and some new ones – to appear either briefly or extensively in the laffer. There’s current it-stars like Grant Gustin (aka “The Flash”), View Askew-staples like Jason Lee (as his “Mallrats” character – and maybe more?), and even hulkish “True Blood” alum Joe Manganiello. But that’s just the tip of the Peter Berg.

Before we get to the list, ‘what about Ben Affeck?’ I hear you ask..

No, he never did get rid of that thigh-rash caused by the Bat suit.

Oh, but in terms of this?

Yup, sounds like it’s gonna happen. Despite Affleck and Smith’s fractured relationship, the “Chasing Amy” and “Mallrats” star said he’d be up for making an appearance in his old friend’s ‘comeback’ flick.

“I haven’t been asked to make an appearance, but you never know, there’s still time”, Affleck said in a new interview. “We’ll see. I think if it was up to me, I would rather do Holden (from “Chasing Amy”) than Shannon (From “Mallrats”), but I would defer to Kevin.”

So, sounds goodablelikely, yah?

Here’s who else we can expect to see in “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” – as of March 26.

Rosario Dawson
The “Clerks II” star will play a new character in the movie

Shannon Elizabeth
reprising her role as ‘Justice’ from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

Joey Lauren Adams
is back as Alyssa Jones from “Chasing Amy”!

Joe Manganiello
will play a Bailiff in a court room scene.

Harley Quinn Smith
Smith’s daughter will play Milly –

Grant Gustin
Smith, who occasionally directs episodes, has recruited “The Flash” star

Frankie Shaw
Frankie Shaw will play the prosecutor in a court room scene.

Justin Long
Smith’s “Tusk” star plays a lawyer in the aforesaid scene

Jason Lee
Is back as “Mallrats”‘ Brodie Bruce

Kate Micucci
Reunites with Smith as a Mooby’s employee

David Dastmalchian
“Twin Peaks” star plays a nervous cop

Diedrich Bader
Reprising Security Guard Gordon’ from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

Craig Robinson
The funnyman plays the judge in that abovesaid court room scene.

Molly Shannon
The “SNL” great plays an unspecified part.

Jason Biggs
Biggs is back as the “pie f***er” from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

James Van Der Beek
‘The Dawson’ is back to reprise his role from the earlier film.

Brian O’Halloran
It’s not a Smith flick without Dante Hicks!

Sheenan Cole, Mike R. Moreau, Verna Bendetta, Matt Westphalen, John C. Logan
play attendees at ‘Hollywood’ Comic-Con

Jeff Chase
he’s playing Legree in a scene

Jordan Monsanto
She’s playing a bailiff in a scene

Donnell Rawlings
He’s playing a Captain

Treshelle Edmond
Plays a new character called Soapy

Alice Wen
Always good value, look for her as Shan Yu

Jake Richardson & Nickfehlinger
Back as the kids that brought the ‘weed’ in “Strike Back”

Ralph Garman
The radio host plays himself in the flick.

Jen Schwalbach
Mrs. Kevin Smith plays a Mooby’s employee in the film

Chris Jericho
The wrestling superstar is in the movie

Method Man & Redman
OK, now this cast is getting ti-iight!

Movie News

Original Bad Boys 3 director on why he quit the film

“I wasn’t servicing the story that I was really excited about” says filmmaker Joe Carnahan





In a captivating melee with Collider, “A-Team” helmer Joe Carnahan reveals that he walked away from the third “Bad Boys” flick because he butted heads with star Will Smith.

The veteran action filmmaker was originally set to direct Sony’s “Bad Boys For Life”, which reteams Smith and Martin Lawrence as the loose lipped cops, but quit the project – in September 2017 – because his original vision for it had been watered down.

“Here’s the thing. I love Will, he’s a great guy. It’s just, you get to a point where … listen, I always say this… ‘Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, you find me a motherf****r in the modern era that’s walked away from movies with those guys and is still working in some capacity.”

“I just know myself, man. And I thought what we were doing at that point was the law of diminishing returns. ‘I wasn’t servicing the story that I was really excited about telling, that the studio had greenlit. And again, this isn’t to throw shade at Will — it’s your face on the poster, it’s your name on the poster, you need to do things the way you want them done.”
Carnahan believes some of his ideas survive.

“I think they’re doing a portion of it — I had a sequence where they’re on a Gunbus, which is a German motorcycle. They changed it, now it’s like a sidecar, not a good idea, whatever [laughs]. It’s one of the greatest.”

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah ultimately took the reigns on the film, which releases January 17, 2020.

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Astin : Goonies will be rebooted

The cast had originally been hoping to reunite for a sequel





Will there be a sequel to “The Goonies”?

Doubtful. That’s according to original star Sean Astin – ‘Mikey’ from the 1985 classic – who, for the longest time, remained unambiguously induced that there would one day be a sequel to the Richard Donner directed adventure classic.

The actor’s tune has since changed.

“For 20 years, my answer to the question was an unequivocal yes, there will be a sequel — it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. Just certainty,” the “Lord of the Rings” actor tells Collider. “Well…that’s gone. Now I think we’ve probably passed the threshold for which all of us original cast members are right for doing a sequel.”

Sean Astin

While Astin doesn’t expect he and his original co-stars – including Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin – will regroup for the once budding sequel, he does expect Warner Bros to resurrect the brand.

“It will be rebooted, which I will be fine with,” says Astin. “If it’s not as good as the original Goonies, that’s fine, who cares? I think [Steven] Spielberg has been waiting for whatever that magical, mystical secret sauce is and he hasn’t found it yet so he just hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. He’s so busy so I don’t even know if he could do it himself and you know, Dick Donner wants it.”

Astin recalls pitching Donner an idea for a “Goonies 2”.

“Corey Feldman and I put together a three-act treatment for it and we pitched it to Dick Donner and it never got made,” the actor reflects. “We pitched it to him and the whole time his eyes were closed…we thought it was really cool and afterwards he’s like ‘Boy, you guys really thought about this’ and we go ‘Yeah, yeah we have!’ and he goes ‘Yeah, we’re not doing that.’”

In a 2016 interview, Feldman echoed Astin, stating that he’d given up hope for a “Goonies” sequel.

“Richard Donner is 87 years old. And it’s like, no one really wants to make it without him. He’s the driving force behind it. He says it’s still alive. But as we all know…When you get to that age, things slow down quite a bit. There is a big possibility that he might not want to keep driving it. So, I think without him, it doesn’t happen. And every day that passes, that he doesn’t do it, there is less and less chance that it is ever going to happen at all.”

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Spoiler Alert : Keanu Reeves joins Fast & Furious universe

Do not read on if you don’t want the film spoiled!




Do not read on if you don’t want the film spoiled!

OK… still there?

One more chance?

OK… shall we continue?


“John Wick” star Keanu Reeves will play against type when he appears in this summer’s new “Fast & Furious” spin-off, “Hobbs & Shaw”.

According to That Hashtag Show, the actor’s secret role in the Jason Statham-Dwayne Statham two-hander is that of the big bad. In much the same way, the “Fast & Furious” franchise surprised fans when Jason Statham appeared on screen at the end of “Fast & Furious 5” to tease his appearance in further installments, Reeves will pop up in the film at the last moment to give cinemagoers an extra, unforeseen thrill before they make the trek home from the theater.

Keanu Reeves

Says the site, “In the last outing for Fast & Furious, we learned the identity of the driving force behind all of Dominic Toretto’s miseries: Cipher. Charlize Theron played Cipher to chilling perfection, taunting and manipulating Dom to his breaking point. Fast & Furious 8 saw the first team-up between Hobbs & Shaw. That paring was the inspiration for the new spin-off series. Like Cipher before, there will be a new background baddie pulling the strings for the new, odd couple offset from the main franchise. That villain will be none other than Keanu Reeves.

Right now we don’t have any more details about the exact role Reeves will play in Hobbs & Shaw. We only know that he is somehow tied to the film’s main villain, Brixton (Idris Elba). It’s possible, according to the source, that Reeves’ character will be revealed towards the end of the movie. Alternatively, he could appear in an end-credits scene to set up the sequel we all know will be coming.”

While it’s rare to see Reeves play a villain, it’s not his first time. The actor played the rogues in “Man of Tai Chi”, which he also directed, he also played the nasty Donnie Barksdale in the film ”The Gift” (2000).

“Fast & Furious Presents : Hobbs & Shaw” opens August 2.

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