Hope Davis to star in TVs The Ordained

Hope Davis has been named as the female lead for the pilot of CBS’ newest political thriller, “The Ordained”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Star of “In Treatment”, Davis will play the role of politician Patricia (nicknamed Packy because “she packs a punch”) who very nearly becomes the victim of an assassination attempt. She’s a first-term Mayor of New York and mother to two young daughters; having just announced a bid for re-election, she is thrust once again into the media spotlight and fights hard for what she believes in.

“Boardwalk Empire’s” Charlie Cox has been picked up as the male lead, the brother of Davis’ character who leaves the priesthood and becomes a lawyer to prevent his sister from being assassinated.

Journalist and author Lisa Takeuchi Cullen has been named as both screenwriter and executive producer, alongside Frank Marshall, Larry Shuman and A.R. Fischer. The pilot will be directed by RJ Cutler, with Robert Zotnowski set to come aboard as co-executive producer.

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