How did Ben Affleck enjoy reprising Batman for The Flash?

“Justice League” and “Batman v. Superman” actor heads back to the Batcave

Considerably, it seems.

After the rather sour experience of “Justice League”, Ben Affleck seemed to relish putting on the Batsuit again for next year’s “The Flash”.

“It was a really nice way to revisit that as the prior experience had been difficult,” Affleck, out promoting his new film “The Tender Bar” told Variety.  “This was really lovely. Really fun.”

Of course, Affleck hasn’t been officially confirmed for the film – though he has been spotted in set pics, so we’ve known for a while he’s in the film – and suspects he might get a call from Warner Bros now.

“I had a great time,” he added. “I’m probably under some gag order that I’m not even aware that I probably just violated and I’m now going to be sued.”

“The Flash” opens November 4, 2022.

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