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In Today’s ‘Nothing New To See Here’ : L.A Law, Head of the Class, Little House!?


In Today’s ‘Nothing New To See Here’ : L.A Law, Head of the Class, Little House!?

In Today’s ‘Nothing New To See Here’ : L.A Law, Head of the Class, Little House!?

Sherlock not needed. The only evidence needed to see commercial networks are shitting themselves, relying solely on catalog titles to see them through in the competitive televisual market, can be found via Firefox… or Safari or Chrome or IE or… is AskJeeves still a thing?

Today? at least 75% of today’s small-screen news pertained to either a reboot, sequel or spin-off.

No poop!

The Harrison Ford serious finger can be pointed in our direction, just as much as the unimaginative TV execs – – we keep viewing in. Whether it be the “Saved by the Bell” redo on Peacock, the revamped “Dynasty” with Grant Show as Blake Carrington, CBS’s “Magnum P.I”… without Tom Selleck! (blasphemy!), or “MacGyver” they have solid Nielsens.  And hands up who will be watching the “Fresh Prince of Air” reboot?


No wonder they keep shoveling.


So, here’s a summary of that stuff over the past 24 hours…

  • A spin-off of NBC comedy “Superstore” is in development. “Bo & Cheyenne”, a proposed spinoff written by series co-executive producers Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu, sees Bo (Pemberton) and Cheyenne (Sakura) balance their big dreams with the harsh realities of being a blue-collar family in America.

  • ABC has tapped Blair Underwood to return for a sequel series to ’80s hit “L.A Law”. Corbin Bernsen sits by the phone…

  • A remake of “Little House on the Prairie” is in the works via Paramount TV Studios and Anonymous Content. The update will be executive produced by Trip Friendly, whose father, Ed Friendly, held rights to Wilder’s novels and produced the earlier series. No network has the series yet but they’re all keen.. apparently.

  • A reboot of TV soap “All My Children” is in the works. The project is currently titled “Pine Valley,” named after the fictional Philadelphia suburb that served as the setting for the original.

And, let’s not forget… earlier this week, a “Night Court” sequel starring John Laroquette was announced, HBO decided to reboot “True Blood”, “Fantasy Island” was given the thumbs up for a TV redo,

… and we got our first look at the reboots of “Gossip Girl” (via a HBO Max promo) and “Walker, Texas Ranger” :


Anyway, gotta get outta here, got 3 episodes of “Roswell : New Mexico” to catch up on…

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