Interview : Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

If you believe the tabloids, actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is a swinger, has had sex in Disneyland with husband John Stamos and even hired a midget stripper for hubbie. But the beautiful ex-model, who bears both body and soul in the new erotic thriller Femme Fatale is determined to set the record straight, as she revealed to PAUL FISCHER. Featuring exclusive photo’s from the film "Femme Fatale".

Don’t believe everything you read is the motto when talking to glamorous and sexy actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. While on screen in Brian De Palma’s erotically charged thriller Femme Fatale the actress gets up to no good, the reverse can be said of her off-screen life. Laughing at the notion of being on the cover of the men’s magazine Maxim, [and laughingly turning it over in the process] the impression one has of Romijn-Stamos, who turns 30 on November 5, is that nothing fazes her. Except being misquoted, that is. “I would love to clear a lot of this up, because I have been really badly misquoted lately.” The biggest piece of journalistic fiction? “The story of the day that’s been on the wire, I guess, is about sex at Disneyland.” And for the record, no way. “You know, I just trust too much and I trust people are going to take care of the things I say, and yeah, I guess I revealed too much, but then they take what I say, they run with it, and then make a mountain out of a molehill,” explains the actress. “What I said was that we fell in love at Disneyland. We first connected over dinner, we had our first date there, and all of a sudden it turned into we were having sex on rides at Disneyland,” she laughingly says. “Then all of the reporters were asking me which ride was it, and I’m like, we ride the rides, next to each other, not on top of each other.” At least Romijn-Stamos retains a buoyant sense of humour about her supposed wild and crazy life. No, she and husband John Stamos don’t have an open marriage, are not swingers and John has never dressed in drag, according to various tabloid reports. “I once had a gender bender party, and all the girls had to come as guys, and all the guys had to come as girls and I’m sure the rumour that we’re swingers been going around, too. We are so not. John’s VERY conservative, and honestly, I’m better with the rumours than he is. He gets really upset about all of this, because he’s conservative and I’m really Dharma and Greg; he balances me out and really has to pull me back in. “

The statuesque blonde, who married former Full House star John Stamos in 1998, made her acting debut that year in Dirty Work, played herself in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and established herself as the heavily made up Mystique/Raven Darkholme in X-Men, followed by her starring role in the critically maligned Rollerball. But with Femme Fatale, Romijn-Stamos is very much the alluring and sexually aggressive star of Brian de Palma’s film noir thriller about a woman (Romijn-Stamos) trying to straighten out her life, even as her past as a con-woman comes back to haunt her. Stepping into the controversial role following the departure of original star Uma Thurman, Romijn-Stamos recalls being sent the script then asked “to get on a plane that day and go meet with Brian; I didn’t even think about it, I just wanted to go meet him,” she recalls. “He had written the script which is obviously very twisted and convoluted in a wonderful way.” It was also quite the risk “and so scary that I kind of wouldn’t even think about it. I kind of took nothing to lose attitude.” Despite the sex scenes, nudity and an opening seduction sequence which is more explicit than the norm for studio-released film, Romijn-Stamos remains matter-of-fact in the way she dealt with the sexual facets of the film. “You know, it’s all part of the work. I mean, its fun, its pretend, its movie making and it is as fun to shoot that as it is to shoot a fight scene.” The actress adds that given what she does in the film, she has to have a certain comfort with herself. “I’m somebody who is definitely in charge of my sexuality as I think this character is,” she says. She has no problem being sexy for a movie such as this, or even posing for a men’s magazine. “I hate the thought of being victimized by cameras, and I’ve always done things because I choose to.”

The actress believes that this confidence she has in her, has always been an inherent part of her, thanks to her upbringing. “I think I’ve always had a very strong sense of self, which I think my mom did to me. I think my mom let me be me. I grew up in Berkley in the early ‘70s and raised by that generation of kids who were raised by these people who had left middle America, very traditional backgrounds and come out to Berkley to be anti-establishment. So we were kind of guinea pigs, as they raised this generation of children in a different way and didn’t want to pass their crap on to us, as it was passed on to them. They gave us this fearlessness and every where I have lived in the world, I keep meeting up with people from Berkley, from my generation. They just didn’t put any boundaries on us and never taught us that there was anything to be scared of.”

This is why she looks svelte and gorgeous. “Well, I’ve got good genes. My parents are tall and thin, and also just from adrenalin – I was so nervous the whole time we were doing Femme Fatale, the adrenalin kicked in, and that burns calories.” Perhaps she should strip for the cameras more often then.


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