Jackson back as Nick Fury!

After his little post-credits sequence tease in “Iron Man”, most assumed – Marvel included – that Samuel L.Jackson’s Nick Fury would be back for the next batch of superhero movies produced by the Arad’s.  Well, that was until the shingle tried to low-ball (they should probably rename Marvel to ‘Low-ball productions’ shouldn’t they? They definitely aren’t very actor-friendly at the moment!) Jackson, offering him an undisclosed-but-apparently-crumby-figure to reprise the character in “Iron Man 2”.

Well, seems the beancounters at Marvel have found some extra dollars to play with – and Jackson’s back as Nick Fury.

The Hollywood Reporter says a deal has been reached between the Oscar Nominee and Marvel that’ll see Nick Fury back for nine more Marvel movies – yes, count’ em, nine.  Among those nine films, “Iron Man 2”, “Thor”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers” and even a possible “S.H.I.E.L.D” movie with Jackson as the star.

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